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Terex® RL™4 / RL4000™ Light Tower System - STANDARD DUTY

The RL4000 Light Tower System

The Terex RL4 / RL4000 6kW Light Tower System is our top selling "All Purpose" mobile lighting system, featuring (4) powerful 1000 Watt Metal Halide Light Fixtures, the Kubota D1105 13.6HP Diesel Engine, a 6kW Generator from Marathon, internal electrical receptacles for auxiliary power, a durable 2000 lb. axle, 60 hour run time capacity, 30 foot extendable mast, internal controls for protection from the elements, and a number of upgrade capabilities including the CSA and Industrial Cold Weather packages for full performance in the harshest of environments.

This is North America's #1 Light Tower to meet all of your remote lighting requirements, with industry leading build quality and component selection from Terex that delivers exceptional value for money over all competitors.

The bestselling light tower for sale in the US today.


Why This Light Tower

The RL4000 is a durable and cost effective solution for jobsite lighting, allowing budget-minded companies to maximize the value of their purchase without compromising build quality. The compact design means lower transport costs, as you can secure up to 10 units on a trailer. Terex is renowned for the consistency and quality of manufacturing, and their innovative production techniques mean no compromise on durability or reliability for even their basic standard units. The RL4000 includes all quality components such as the Kubota D1105 Diesel Engine as a standard feature without the added cost typically associated with competitor models, as well as galvanization for added weather resistance, quick disconnects for fast servicing, four point outrigger stance, basic sound attenuation for quieter operation than most similar models, and quality frame, cabinet, and mast.

Who Uses It

General Purpose Applications, Road Construction, Job Site Managers, Athletic Fields, Security Lighting, Parking Lots, Energy and Mining Groups, Airports, Military Bases, Municipalities, Remote Area Developers, Rental Companies, Fire and Rescue Teams, Law Enforcement, Hospitals, Rock Quarries, Home Builders


Terex® AL™4 / AL4000™ Light Tower System - RUGGED TERRAIN

The AL4000 Light Tower System

The Terex AL4 / AL4000 6kW Light Tower System is North America's #1 heavier duty utility / rental-grade light tower, featuring a wider body chassis, frame and cabinet system, heavier duty trailer and light mast assembly, the 3500 lb. axle system, 15" tires, 30 foot lighting mast, a 30 gallon fuel tank for 60 hour run time, the best selling Kubota D1105 13.6HP Diesel Engine, (4) powerful 1000 Watt Metal Halide Light Fixtures, and a high number of option upgrades making it the single best performer for use on more rugged terrain on the market today.

This is an excellent light tower choice for organizations that may have to rely on others to move the trailers over long distances or harsh terrain, with the overbuilt frame and stronger axle protecting your investment by provided more durability. With the 8kW upgrade, this becomes the best value for industrial 8kW light towers available on the market today.


Why This Light Tower

The AL4000 offers superior value over all other competitors largely due to the quality and craftsmanship levels from Terex as the manufacturer, combined with their global company size, purchasing power, and their ability to source and integrate consistent component choices that outpace other models on the market. From material selection to product planning, durability of the axle system through to the junction box the lights plug into on the mast, this all round utility-grade light tower system carries build quality and features that normally would be several thousand dollars more from other companies. Plus the availability to upgrade the tower to the 8KW generator model means mobile power and lighting on a solid base that means accessibility to almost any jobsite.

Who Uses It

Anyone Who Uses the RL4000 Models Wanting Better Handling on Unfinished Terrain, Mobile Repair Groups, Oilfield/Mining/Energy/Exploration Companies, Rock Quarries, Construction Groups, Long Distance Travelers, Rental Houses, Companies With Third Party Renters To Maximize Protection of Equipment During Transit.


Terex® AL™5 / AL5000™ Light Tower System - EXTREME TERRAIN & MOBILE POWER

The AL5000 Light Tower System

The Terex AL5 / AL5000 8kW Light Tower System is the flagship light tower from the Terex/Amida/Genie Group - an all-purpose industrial workhorse suitable for the harshest of weather conditions and environments, With super wide-bodied base for the highest stability ratings, heavy duty axle, heavy duty mast, extended cabinet size, internal light storage facilities, upgraded 8kW generator set as a standard feature, and many other industry first advantages - the AL5000 is up to the absolute toughest challenges at a price literally thousands less than light towers from the few competitors offering similar quality.

Beyond the standard 8kW light tower system, this is the most popular choice for upgrade to the 20kW Isuzu 4LE Diesel Engine, with dual 30 Gallon tanks, and numerous options relating to Extreme Cold Weather, internal Air Warming circulation, Automatic Air Shutdown Systems, Spill Containment, and CSA units for harsh conditions.


Why This Light Tower

Beyond the uncompromising quality of Terex, craftsmanship, and components included within the standard units, the AL5000 can be upgraded with the globally popular Isuzu 4LE Diesel Engine and Marathon 20KW Generator upgrades, delivering the best of both worlds for mobile power and quality lighting solutions. This light tower sets new standards for best value in quality and operational capabilities, with price points $5000-$8000 less than the manufacturers building units with similar quality and component features. The AL5000 can come standard in either 8kW or 20kW configurations, and can be special ordered to include air shutdown systems for overspeed detection, full spill containment to meet environmental guidelines, and vertically-articulating hydraulic masts.

Who Uses It

Utility Companies, Energy Companies, Road Construction Crews, Job Site Managers, Athletic Fields, Military, Mining Operations, Exploration Groups, Law Enforcement, Rock Quarries, Mobile Repair Companies, Airports, Rental Houses, Equipment Yards, Test Facilities, Remote Power Users, Development Contractors.


We have handled and occasionally carry other models depending on season and stocking levels, and are always looking to improve our access to quality light towers or specialty equipment needed to meet unique project requirements. For additional information on other models on the market that we have had past or current experience with, visit our Light Tower Manufacturers page for more information.

If you require immediate assistance, call our Support Line today at 1-800-975-5977, or utilize our Quote Request form.

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